My experiences matter and so do yours

something we all experience, right?

No, fortunately not but there are a lot of us who do. It’s not always about the N word, the P word or the C word it’s often more subtle and nuanced than that.  It can be the way someone speaks to you, the way someone treats you or other ignorant experiences that can make you feel hurt and leave you wondering why people who behave like that still exist in this day and age.

Incidents of racism are not always things that we feel comfortable sharing with our nearest and dearest or friends on social media; partially because of some of the responses you may receive “I’m sure they didn’t mean it like that”, “are you sure it was because of your colour?” , “that’s awful but at least it’s better than it was in the 80’s” or maybe because you’re a more private person.


It can also be because racist incidents can make you feel embarrassed, dehumanised and other horrible things that people should not have to experience because of the colour of their skin or where they are from. 

I’ve created this site to give people  somewhere to anonymously share their experiences; those times when you know that somebody treated you differently, made an ignorant comment or any other time when you feel you’ve been unfortunate enough to come across prejudice.  

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of being told that it’s a small minority of people that have a problem and most of us would not be unlucky enough to come across them – not the case. I want us to change the focus – yes it’s important to be “appalled” when overt racism happens but it’s just as important to understand the other stuff that we can experience on a regular basis.   

This site is a place for people to share both and even more importantly, where you can read about other people’s experiences, share your own and know that you’re not alone <3

About me

I’m Dani, my mum is white and my dad is black. Me and my family have experienced our fair share of incidents and to name but a few; someone asking if my hair gets wet when I wash it, being on a first date and the date’s friend coming over to ask if they have jungle fever, a work colleague stating in a full office (everyone else was white) that I’d know all about marijuana or someone commenting how funny it was because I’m “half caste” but when I speak I use all the right words.

These are not historic incidents….they all (and more) happened within the last 8 years or so and the sad part is that the majority were from people younger than me.

 I’m in my 30’s.